Leading the way, we take safety
Beyond Zero.

Brahma's approach to safety, called Beyond Zero, is a proactive, industry-first initiative that's paying off. We're all familiar with the term "zero harm"—an honorable goal to reach zero safety incidents in the field. But what's the best way to get to zero? You reach beyond it—like kicking a football 45 yards to secure a 35-yard attempt. You have to make safety more than a statistic or a mark—you have to make safety a way of being—a part of company, family and personal culture. At Brahma, we live Beyond Zero.

Meet the Brahma team that makes our safety culture a reality.


So how does Beyond Zero work? It starts with who we involve in our safety culture—who participates. The answer is "everyone." From upper management to each field worker, everyone begins their day filling out a FLARE Card, keeping safety consistently top of mind. Management leads the culture, and every employee participates in acknowledging the daily acts that encourage the entire Brahma family
to put safety first. Safety is about developing the individual and making a better person. The principles that guide Beyond Zero have led to over thirty safety recognition awards since 2010. Our safety numbers and results speak for themselves. It's not by chance. The efforts and resources and people that make Beyond Zero a reality represent the heart of Brahma culture. We are a team-oriented family.

Safety Programs

Beyond Zero couldn’t be possible without many well-executed safety programs. From weekly topics on safety disseminated company-wide to assessment and acknowledgement at the field level, Brahma turns effective safety programs into a rooted culture to look out for one another and perform acts of kindness every day. We believe true safety is achieved when all involved in the effort participates proactively.

Mobile Safety App

In order to facilitate company-wide participation in a proactive safety culture, we developed the Brahma Mobile Safety App. The Brahma management team uses the app to fill out mobile FLARE Cards and acknowledge safety efforts they witness every day.

The app enables management to track real-time safety efforts and reward employees accordingly as well as fill out JSA forms and perform supervisor audits. It's the little and big things that matter to live Beyond Zero. And the Brahma Mobile Safety App is just one of the initiatives that represents our innovation and leadership in safety.