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Our Vision & Mission


Brahma Group envisions becoming the Rocky Mountain Region’s premier industrial contractor, with niche operations in Gulf states and California, renowned for an unwavering commitment to quality and precision. We are driven by a reputation that is rooted in innovation, expertise, and reliability. Our goal is to forge enduring relationships with clients, ensuring that every project we undertake, regardless of its scale or intricacy, meets the highest standards of excellence.


Brahma Group’s mission is to enhance client efficiency and effectiveness through superior construction and maintenance, fostering long-standing partnerships based on integrity and collaboration. We’re dedicated to nurturing exceptional talent, creating an innovative workspace that upholds our core values and guarantees excellence for our team and clients.

The Principles Guiding Our Journey to Excellence

Core Values That Define Us

At Brahma, agility, precision, and leadership guide us in every project, ensuring we consistently prioritize safety and excellence.

Leader In Safety

Brahma sets unparalleled safety benchmarks, always going 'Beyond Zero'.

Pride in Product

Every project showcases Brahma's dedication to quality and excellence.

Agile in Service

Brahma swiftly adapts, ensuring responsive and efficient client solutions.

Precision in Execution

Brahma delivers with meticulous accuracy, ensuring every detail aligns with the vision.

Pillars of Excellence & Dedication

Brahma's Leadership

Darren Patten


Craig Rucker

VP of Operations

Jeff Shockley

VP of Operations

Elevating Brahma Through Collaborative Memberships.

Strategic Partnerships

AGC of Utah
American Exploration Mining Association
American Iron & Steel Technology
American Petroleum Institute
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Safety Engineers
American Welding Society
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National Safety Council
Nevada Mining Association
Society of Mining Engineers
U.S. DHS ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers
Utah Mining Association
Utah Petroleum Association
Utah Safety Council
Utah Steel Fabricators Association

Brahma’s Mark of Excellence

Awards & Honors

Our awards reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence, driven by our dedicated team and our high standards in service, execution, and safety.

  • AGC Diamond Award Winner, Achievement of Safety Excellence – 2019

  • AGC Diamond Award Winner, Achievement of Safety Excellence (50% Below National Average) – 2018

  • Utah Mining Association Annual Mine Safety Award, for Outstanding Safety Performance – 2018

  • Utah Safety Council Award of Merit – 2018

  • Engineering News Record Top 400 Contractors List – 2018

  • Mine Safety & Health – The Distinguished Safety Professional Award – 2017

  • Utah Safety Council Award of Merit – 2017

  • Engineering News Record Top 400 Contractors List – 2017

  • AGC Diamond Award Winner, Achievement of Safety Excellence – 2017

  • Utah Mining Association Annual Mine Safety Award, for Outstanding Safety Performance – 2017

  • AGC Diamond Award Winner, Achievement of Safety Excellence (50% Below National Average) – 2016

  • Engineering News Record Top 400 Contractors List – 2016

  • Utah Safety Council Award of Merit – 2016

  • Utah Mining Association Annual Mine Safety Award, for Outstanding Safety Performance – 2016

  • Fast 50 Awards – Ranked as the 4th Fastest Growing Company in Utah – 2015

  • ENR Top 400 Contractors in the Nation – 2015

  • Top 100 Privately Held Companies, Utah Business Magazine – 2015

  • Newmont Contractor Excellence in Safety Award – 2015

  • Kennecott Utah Copper Concentrator Contractor Excellence in Zero Harm – 2015

  • Utah Safety Council Award of Merit – 2014, 15

  • AGC Diamond Award Winner, Achievement of Safety Excellence – 2015

  • AGC Platinum Award Winner, Achievement of Safety Excellence – 2010, 11, 13, 14

  • Utah Mining Association Annual Mine Safety Award, for Outstanding Safety Performance – 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

  • Nevada Mining Associations Safety Contractor Award – 2013, 15

  • ENR Best Industrial Project – 2014

  • ENR Safety Award of Merit – 2014

  • ENR Overall Best Project, Southwest – 2014

  • ENR Best Industrial Project – 2013

  • ENR Excellence in Safety – 2013

  • Chevron Safety Record, 9 years no loss time incidents – 2014

  • AGC – Government/Public Building Project of the Year – 2011

  • Kennecott Utah Copper Excellence in Provision of Construction and Mechanical – 2012, 13

  • Kennecott Utah Copper Excellence in Innovation – 2012, 13

  • Kennecott Utah Copper Adoption of Zero Harm – 2012

  • Kennecott Utah Copper Excellence in Innovation – 2012, 13

  • Kennecott Utah Copper Plant Safety Award – Concentrator, 2012

  • Kennecott Utah Copper Best Safety Performance – Smelter, 2011

  • Workplace Safety Grant Recipient

  • Newmont Mining Contractor Zero Lost Time Safety Award

  • Rio Tinto recognized Brahma for a Total Incident Rate significantly below the industry standard.

  • VPP SHARP Award – EG&G, Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility – Tooele, UT

  • Wyoming Perfect Safety Award

  • “Contractors Achieving Significant Safety Performance” – RioTinto, Kennecott Copper – Magna, UT

  • SHARP PROGRAM recognition and Golden Gate Partnership Recognition (CAL/OSHA) – Oro Grande, CA

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Darren Patten


Meet Darren, a seasoned professional with an impressive track record spanning over 35 years in project management, engineering, and industrial facility management. His career is marked by proactive leadership in steering complex projects across various industries. His strategic approach to staffing, maintenance, and operations has consistently ensured optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Darren’s journey has taken him through notable companies such as NV Energy at the Reid Gardner Station, PacifiCorp- Huntington Plant, Abitibi Consolidated, and Geneva Steel Company. Each role has contributed to his rich tapestry of industry experience and technical expertise.

Known for his exceptional contract administration skills, Darren excels in resource management, delivering quality products at reasonable costs. His foresight allows him to identify potential problem areas early on and implement viable, cost-effective solutions. His commitment to meeting budgets and promoting safe, productive work environments is unwavering.

Darren holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, which forms the foundation of his technical acumen. Leveraging his top-tier education and extensive experience, Darren ensures that project teams adhere strictly to contract specifications. He vigilantly monitors contract performance, ensuring safe work practices, regulatory compliance, and adherence to budget and schedule constraints. Under Darren’s watchful eye, every project has been a testament to efficiency and quality, completed on time and within budget, with post-outage equipment performance exceeding expectations and installations meeting established technical standards.

Craig Rucker

VP of Operations

Meet Craig, a seasoned leader with over 26 years of management experience and technical expertise. His areas of specialization encompass a wide range of industry sectors, including project management, industrial facilities maintenance, plant maintenance, building and equipment structures, and construction management consultation.

Craig is certified in heavy rigging, with extensive experience in equipment removal and installation. His expertise extends to structural detailing, fabrication, erection, and installation. He also excels in conveyor system installation and maintenance, infrastructure improvements, capital project construction, bidding, estimating, and process piping and demolition.

Before joining Brahma, Craig honed his skills at Bell Steel, Inc. and Milling Machinery, Inc. His construction career, which began in the residential industry, eventually led him to industrial maintenance where he performed all aspects of millwright work. Craig’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his completion of the ASU Alliance for Construction Excellence Project Management Course. He holds an OSHA 510 certification, a certification of completion in the Program of Project Management, and is trained in Auto CAD and Structural Steel detailing. With his vast experience and multitude of certifications, Craig brings a unique blend of leadership, technical acumen, and industry knowledge to his role.

Jeff Shockley

VP of Operations

Meet Jeff, an accomplished construction industry veteran and visionary leader with a robust 20-year trajectory of ascending from hands-on trade work to executive management. His leadership has been instrumental in steering multidisciplinary teams to success in diverse sectors such as Oil and Gas, Refining, Mining, Transportation, and Energy Transmission. Jeff’s mastery in Civil and Mechanical construction has been pivotal in the successful delivery of capital projects exceeding $1 billion in value. Jeff has essential experience in project controls and focuses on real-time tracking to provide the desired outcome to both the company and the client. His experience on both the Owner’s side as well as the contractor’s side has given him invaluable knowledge of management and the execution cycle.