Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Wind Power Maintenance

Wind power is a clean, non-polluting energy source. Wind turbines generate power without the use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, radioactive or toxic waste. Brahma performed ongoing windmill repair and maintenance for Florida Power and Lights Windmills in Palm Springs, California.

Our wind power experience is extensive with repair capabilities including tower erection, tower painting, tower cleaning, tower demolition and structural refurbishment. We’re experienced in gearbox repair and replacement, blade repair and replacement, generator repair and diagnosis, rotor removal and installation, and hydraulic troubleshooting.

As part of the Brahma philosophy, we believe in investing in cutting-edge tools and technology to complete jobs safely, efficiently and quickly. Our investment in wind power tools allows for the safe and efficient execution of routine torquing, tensioning and turbine retrofits. Our electrical experience backs up our proficiency in all wind power projects. And we’re proud of job we’ve done and continue to do for Florida Power and Lights.