Capital Projects

Brahma is capable of taking on projects for an entirely new facility or for processes of any existing facility. Also, keep in mind that we are able to function as a full EPC contractor. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team understands operating facilities in and out. We can work around sensitive systems in order to keep them running with minimum outages and tie-ins.

Our services are turnkey, and we see projects through from concept to completion. Because we understand the sensitive nature of your business (e.g. plant runtime vs. downtime), we carry out pre-planning and pre-fabrication phases before construction ever begins. During the project, we manage multiple shifts and provide the right amount of highly skilled staff for the job, ramping up—for example—from 30 workers on the weekdays to 100 workers on the weekends, then back down to 30 in order to handle a specific job site’s needs, finishing on time and on budget.