Safety Programs



Our FLARE starts with this question: “Why am I safe today?” We establish and nurture a culture that focuses on people, with a management team that acknowledges safety efforts on a daily basis. We attribute our safety success to this culture along with our ability to track FLAREs in real-time via our proprietary Mobile Safety App and Executive Dashboard.


Brahma Safety Committees

Because the best ideas for improvement come from our people in the field, our onsite safety committees are comprised of field employees with a Brahma safety professional present who directs the meetings. Depending on the project, a committee will meet as frequently as needed (e.g. weekly, monthly) to discuss items like near-misses, safety concerns and conditions. Brahma also has a safety committee at headquarters who meet quarterly to discuss previous incidents, corrective measures and how to improve work processes.


Weekly Safety Topics

In order to unify our safety culture and provide relevant training, our safety department issues a weekly safety topic that supervisors discuss with field employees on the job site. From the daily FLARE reports, the safety department is able to view trending safety concerns holistically and provide topics that identify real-time hazards and issue mitigation procedures to safely handle them.


Supervisor Training

Historically, we select our supervisors from our best field workers. Supervisors have great skills and require effective management training. We hold monthly supervisor training that focuses on management skills and provides additional training that supervisors take back to the field. Safety summits, training workshops, self-evaluations, testing and safety leadership assignments place an emphasis on safety and help Brahma supervisors actively champion safety programs and to lead confidently in safety culture.



Every crew performs a daily JSA (Job Safety Analysis); supervisors assign field workers where they will be most successful and safe. The idea is to get everyone participating in the safety culture; requiring daily JSAs and spending the requisite time on safety precautions encourages daily awareness. We’ve found that with an acute focus on improving our safety culture, we’re able to be more efficient and effective with every job, finishing on time and on budget.


Safety Calendars & Newsletters

Brahma holds an annual calendar contest open to all members of the community. The contest asks for submissions of drawings depicting why safety is important to the individual. We believe events like these give both the participants and recipients a deeper perspective on the importance of safe work practices. We publish a monthly newsletter as well, focusing on both industry and community issues relevant to the season and current events.