Brahma Careers

Refractory Brick Mason

Lay firebrick and refractory tile to build, rebuild, reline, or patch high-temperature or heating equipment, such as boilers, ovens, furnaces, converters, cupolas, ladles, and soaking pits, according to job orders and blueprints.  Lay out work, using chalk lines, plumb bobs, tapes, squares, and levels.  Calculates angles and courses for building walls, arches, columns, corners, and bottoms.  Removes burned or damaged brick and cleans surface of setting, using sledgehammer, pry bar, pneumatic chipping gun, scraper, and wire brush.  Cuts brick to size, using brick hammer or powered abrasive saw. Spreads fire-clay mortar over brick with trowel and lays brick in place.  Spreads or sprays refractories over exposed bricks to protect bricks against deterioration by heat, using trowel or spray notches, or drills openings to provide outlets, pyrometer mountings, brackets, and heating elements, using hand tools.  Patches or replaces firebrick linings of ladles and furnace tap holes.  Constructs refractory forms for controlling quantity and flow of molten materials from furnace to rolling machines.  May replace bolts, brackets, and heating elements, repair coke oven doors, weld cracks or holes in shell, or perform other repairs.  May pack insulation into shells and frames to insulate heating equipment, such as furnaces, boilers, and ovens.