Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Watford City Truck Loading Facility

Bakken Link Pipelines Truck Loading Facility is a project to build an upstream truck unloading facility located in Watford City, North Dakota. The project consists of four unloading islands piped to two six pack day tanks and two LACT units. Day tank six packs are supported by a monolithic 14” pad and the individual tanks are supported by an 8” equipment pad, and both day tank six packs have an HDPE spill containment system.

Brahma also worked on a second site for the Bakken Link Pipeline Brahma located on the Great Northern Side of all Great Northern/Bakkenlink interfaces. For the metering and downstream portion of the project, Brahma’s scope of work included the installation of concrete pads for a meter skid, barrel pump and pig receiver.

At both sites Brahma performed excavation and importing of clean fill under all foundations along with excavation and backfill for underground piping. We placed 4” styrofoam under all pads and foundations and furnished and installed an array of different items. We furnished and installed concrete foundations for tanks, tank farms, unloading islands, LACT units, meters skids, barrel pumps, rest blocks, and pig receivers for each facility. We also furnished and installed a spill containment system per six pack and bollards at unloading islands. Along with furnishing and installation, we sat truck day tanks.

The electrical work for the project consists of rough conduits to areas of new construction. Brahma utilized its experience in electrical and instrumentation to design, furnish and install heat trace power circuits. We insulated heat trace to all of the above ground piping and furnished and installed the electrical rough-in.