Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Turf No. 3 Vent Shaft – Exhaust Fans and Ducting Installation

Newmont’s Leeville underground mine located 27 miles North of Carlin, Nevada received full funds approval in April 2013 for its Turf Vent Shaft project. The Turf No. 3 Vent Shaft project will provide increased ventilation capacity sufficient to support underground expansions for exploration platforms and additional future operations at the Leeville mine. Not only will the new shaft help to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, but it will also help to increase future production.

The Turf Vent Shaft is one of the largest of its kind in North America designed to move 2.6 million cubic feet of air. The installation of the project is part of the mines expansion to delve deeper underground while continuing to provide fresh air to miners. For construction of the Vent Shaft, Brahma installed both the exhaust fans and the ducting. For the installation of the exhaust fans we installed four 20 ton fan rotors, and four 3,000 horse power motors for the vent shaft. The precision of installation of the four motors is immaculate. The motors are leveled within a thousandth of an inch because the 20 ton fan rotors are designed to operate with minimum friction, and can spin with the touch of a finger. Along with the exhaust fans and motors, we are also responsible for the ducting installation. This installation consists of massive ½ inch heavy steel built to withstand the pull of 2.6 million cubic feet of air. We installed the ducting from the fans to the 40’ tall ventilation ducting for the underground mine.

Along with the mechanical installation Brahma is responsible for all of the electrical work included in the project. This electrical work includes the installation of two E-Houses and the corresponding wiring needed to run the fans as well as all of the instrumentation work. Brahma executed this project with zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero incidents. Our beyond zero culture allowed us to work in an extreme environment safely and efficiently while maintaining zero harm.