Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Total Plant Spring Turnaround

Brahma completed the mechanical scope of work for Marathon Oil’s Spring Turnaround at the refinery located in Cody, Wyoming.

The turnaround consisted of the removal of piping and roofing from an existing tower. Due to the confined space, all of the piping was hand rigged off. We safely lifted the tower from the refinery and installed a more efficient tower to improve plant operations. We installed new ladders, platforms and cages on the ground before putting the new tower into place and finished off the project by installing new trays.

Brahma blinded, opened, cleaned, repaired and re-installed the plants exchangers, valves, drums and vessels. We installed a new incinerator blower including the associated instrumentation and tubing, and we loaded and unloaded catalysts in the SRU Convertor.

Marathon recruited Brahma because of our past performance. The client brought us in to replace previous contractors, and they considered our performance on the turnaround as exceptional. We finished under budget by 20% with zero recordable incidents.