Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

SX Demolition Project

The SX Demolition project involved demolition and abatement of large pieces of equipment on the 6th floor of the Smelter Building. Including a 88’ long 16’ diameter dryer, large bag house, lead filled Star Coolers from the Acid Plant, dryer furnace, pelletizer, multiple conveyors systems,  cyclone dryer, feed bins and large tanks filled with concentrate material, removal of all electrical supporting this equipment. Using heavy equipment for the demolition of two large leach tank areas with 3’ thick concrete walls, various houses and office structures including 12 tanks and 9 haul truck beds abated and dismantled  throughout the mine site.

The SX Demolition project involved working very close with  the plant and mine because normal operations did not shut down for any phase of the demolition. We held daily meetings with
plant operations to cover the intended work area, durations, crane picks and logistics as to not impede with production. With excellent planning, and close attention to safety and environmental, we were very successful in performing the dismantle and removal of these various items while following the laid out schedule. The project was successful, we delivered the project safely, on time and  under the clients set budget even with substantial scope increase.