Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Steam Reliability Deaerator (Phase 1 & 2)

The Chevron Steam Reliability Deaerator project consisted of two phases. Phase 1 was the process of removing a large portion of the old deaerator, and phase 2 was the installation of the new system.

Phase 1 of this project was to remove a large portion of the old deaerator system in preparation for the new system.  Brahma removed large and small bore process piping and structural supports.  The task of removing part of the deaerator was routine, but it required close coordination with Chevron operations because the boiler system was still online during demolition.  Brahma utilized its experienced management professionals to safely execute this project while the refinery remained in operation.

Phase 2 was installation of the new deaerator system.  Brahma was the mechanical contractor with responsibility to receive, install and inspect multiple column vessels, pumps and associated structure and piping. The project was executed safely, on time, and within budget.