Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Solana Power Generation Station

The Solana Power Plant located in Gila Bend, Arizona was the largest parabolic trough plant in the world when commissioned, and one of the first US solar plants with molten salt thermal energy storage capabilities. The plant is a 280MW utility-scale solar thermal electric plant built on a 1,920 acre site with 3,200 mirrored parabolic trough collectors and 2.2 million square meters of reflective area.

Brahmas first phase of contracted work at Solana encompassed the installation of process piping and mechanical equipment in the Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) Overflow area. The scope of work included the installation of skid mounted equipment and piping systems at both the plant overflow area and the main heat transfer fluid loading area. In addition to the installation of equipment, Brahma completed the installation of several support structures including several diameters of carbon steel and stainless steel piping per ASME B31.3 code.

The HTF Overflow project provided us with the opportunity to demonstrate our quality of work and unyielding commitment to safety. Our precision in executing the project garnered attention from other Abeinsa personnel, and we were given a second proposal to install the process piping in the HTF Main Pump area. We installed large boar piping – up to 42” in diameter – and bellows for the suction and discharge sides of the ten main circulation pumps for the plant. We completed over 3000 welds erecting structural pipe supports, expansion loops, small bore piping and hydro testing. Brahma maintained detailed quality control records to ensure accuracy with the construction and compliance with the projects strict timeframe. We employed over 170 craft personnel during this contractual period, and operated with crews around the clock to ensure the delivery schedules were met.

Our notable capabilities executing the HTF projects successfully resulted in another contract to provide startup and commissioning services for the Solana power plant. These services encompassed a mechanical scope of steam blow downs, 150MW turbine alignments, alignment of the main cooling water pump, and removal and replacement of the main cooling water pump.

Our established vendor relationships and full-time corporate warehouse allow for expedited shipping on a myriad of parts. Our responsive logistics process coupled with our ability to scale up and down with craft in a rapid fashion positions Brahma to provide high quality, time sensitive service. We became the primary commissioning contractor at Solana and remained on site through the entire startup phase and beyond.  This project rolled into completing punch list items for the EPC group before they turned the plant over to their internal operations group in January of 2014.  Shortly after the plant was commissioned we began performing routine maintenance and plant enhancements for the maintenance and operations group.  From January 2014 to present day January 2015 we have completed various projects including civil projects, pre-manufactured buildings, vehicle wash stations, bio soils watering systems, millwright assistance for pump alignment, and a list of 20 plus miscellaneous projects for the plant.