Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Silver State South Solar Project

The Silver State South Solar Project is a 250MW comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) power plant located in southern Nevada. Construction for the power plant broke ground in the beginning of 2015 and completed summer of 2016. At the time of completion, the power plant was tied for fourth on the list of the world’s largest commercially viable solar PV power plants. The plant produces enough power to meet the needs of roughly 80,000 homes a year.

Brahma completed the installation of all structural components for the Silver State plant – installing nearly 57,000 60’ by 8’ trackers. Brahma installed the tracker systems with solar panel interface brackets and associated moving components including bearings and actuators. The Silver State plant consists of approximately 3.4 million panels, and Brahma assembled nearly 5 million components of the plant. Utilizing LEAN management practices, new tooling and project controls were implemented allowing the simultaneous execution of application and quality. This concurrent execution increased project efficiencies tremendously. Brahma remained environmentally conscious and responsible to the lands natural habitat throughout construction.