Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Russell Pump Station

The Russell Pump Station project was the construction of a brand new ground-up pump station located in Russell, Kansas. The construction of the Pump Station consisted of both the installation of two 3,000hp pump units including associated appurtenances, and the installation of a power distribution center.

The scope of work first included performing a hot tap, stopple and bypass of the existing mainline. Secondly, Brahma successfully executed the installation of a flare and knockout vessel as well as the installation of all block valves, check valves, basket strainers and skid-mounted pump units.

Lastly, Brahma was able to utilize design drawings to accurately connect the existing mainline to the new pump units along with making sure the new pump station tied in precisely with the existing mainline. Brahma also installed a power distribution center and a 300kVa transformer. The installation of the power distribution center involved setting the center on concrete pier foundations and making all-wire terminations between the power distribution center and the field instruments and junction boxes. To complete the project, Brahma made all-wire terminations between the newly installed power distribution center and transformer.