Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Reid Gardner Security System Upgrade

The Reid Gardner Generating Station is a coal-fueled, steam-electric generating plant with four operating units. Three of the four units produce 100 megawatts, and the fourth unit produces 257 megawatts—collectively producing enough electricity to serve approximately 335,000 Nevada homes.

Brahma was awarded the contract of upgrading the physical security system at Reid Gardner. NV Power contracted us to install a new Intrusion Detection System. The scope of this work included the installation of an access control system, the perimeter security system and a closed circuit television system (CCTV).

Initially, we had two months to completely finish the upgrade. Throughout the process, NV Power’s circumstances changed, resulting in an accelerated deadline from two months to 28 day. For 28 days straight Brahma’s utilized its resources to shorten material lead times and to maximize craft hours, subcontractor’s compliances and engineering clarifications. We completed the project safely and on time with our clients rushed deadline.