Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

PSF Filtration Installation

The scope of this $12.3-million project included the installation of three, 35-ton sulfur-impregnated carbon filter units. Brahma is also currently installing all associated equipment and instruments for the system, designed to capture mercury in the flue gas.

Our scope of work specifically encompassed demolishing and safely removing all existing site foundations and relocating existing storm, water and electrical utilities. We then installed new 4160V utility power lines and a step-down transformer and placed new foundations, pillars and concrete slabs. After preparing all new foundations, we fabricated and erected a breezeway structure with pipe racks and erected an electrical building which housed switchgear, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), an automatic transfer switch, neutral grounded resistors and all sub-panels. Additionally, the scope included installing a lighting and grounding system, erecting an enclosure building with siding and insulation for the filter unit as well as installing and wiring all equipment and instruments including lighting, communication systems, fire-monitoring components and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Brahma fabricated and installed large-bore flue-gas ducting, small bore-process water, instrument air, plant air, natural air and condensate piping. Finally, after installing extensive HVAC equipment, the scope included pre-commissioning, commissioning and turning over all systems. Our company oversaw all testing, validation and documentation. Brahma performed this project as a subcontractor to EG&G and has successfully complied with all applicable project requirements.