Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Pass Filtration System

The Pass Filtration System (PFS) is a project located within the Tooele Army Depot in Tooele County, Utah. The PFS is a mercury-capturing filter system, and our scope of work included the installation of the plant utilities, the installation of three large carbon mercury filters, the erection of a new building, civil work, large and small bore piping, and pre-commissioning of the entire system.

Brahma began demolition in the spring of all of the existing concrete footings, foundations and slabs to prepare the grounds for a new utilities and filter building. We began by installing all-new underground utilities, followed by new concrete footings, foundations and slabs for the new buildings. When the foundations were ready, we pre-set three new mercury filter units simultaneously to the superstructure for the building is being erected. After the erection of the superstructure was completed, we installed the insulation and steel sheeting.

Brahma’s entire scope of work consisted of the installation of the process supporting equipment, heating and cooling system, large and small bore piping, and the electrical and control systems. When the entire process piping system was installed, the plant shut down to allow for the new process to be tied into the existing process. Brahma safely and efficiently executed this job within budget and on time.