Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Hugoton Biomass Ethanol and Cogeneration Plant

The Abengoa Bioenergy Ethanol and Cogeneration Plant is a new biomass-to-ethanol biorefinery located in Hugoton, Kansas. The biorefinery is the first of its kind commercial scale facility fueled completely by biomass.  The plant produces 25 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol derived from nearly 350,000 tons of biomass annually. The Hugoton plant utilizes over 1,000 dry tons of biomass per day in the ethanol production process. The residue generated from the ethanol production process combusts with 300 tons per day of raw biomass producing 18 MW of electricity, fueling electricity for cogeneration, and making the entire facility energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

At the Hugoton Ethanol and Cogeneration Plant, Brahma executed the mechanical, structural, and commissioning work. Mechanically, we completed various ASME code compliant piping systems per B31.3 and B31.1 standards. We performed structural and equipment installations throughout the plant installing ethanol storage, chemical storage, water treatment, steam deck, pipe rack, plant air, fire protection raw water, clean in place, biomass handling, natural gas power generation, turbine generation equipment, power generation equipment, cooling water, pre –treatment area, and an ethanol load out station.

As well as our mechanical and structural work on the project, Brahma provided commissioning assistance in biomass handling and cogeneration areas. We performed the mechanical work for the cogeneration startup and turbine alignment startup services.