Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

FCC Precipitator

Chevron is an integrated energy company with global operations. Brahma performs maintenance and capital construction services at the Chevron Refinery located just North of Salt Lake City, Utah.

In December 2012 a series of events following a power outage at the Chevron SLC refinery resulted in detonation and subsequent fire in the FCC static precipitator. The damages from the fire were extensive, but did not necessitate a full teardown and rebuild. Instead, Chevron was able to develop a plan to replace damaged structural members, mechanical components and electrical systems.

Brahma was a key player in the team of contractors involved on the repair work for the precipitator. We worked around the clock for over two months to reconstruct the FCC Precipitator system dedicating over 10,000 man hours strictly to welding. Not only did we provide manpower and equipment to fit and weld many tons of steel, we also provided procurement support for material, and dedicated our resources to make sure the Chevron refinery was back to functionality as soon as possible. Through this project we showed our agility in service. In critical situations we have the capability to immediately staff projects with experienced craft personnel, and the flexibility to work around the clock. Our clients’ operability is our number one goal, and we strive to provide them with the necessary resources and expertise to operate successfully.