Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Cornerstone Flotation

The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine, located in Bingham, Utah, is one of the largest open copper mines in the world. Brahma’s first job at the mine was in 2002, and 12 years later, we continue to provide capital construction and maintenance to the mine year round.

Kennecott called on Brahma to complete the entire mechanical scope of work for the Cornerstone Flotation project when an unnamed contractor was unable to execute the project in accordance to Kennecott’s standards. The unnamed contractor was performing at a productivity rate of .3, and Brahma was able to perform above a productivity rate of 1, allowing us to take over the project and complete construction on time for Kennecott.

Brahma showed its agility and adaptability in service. We dismantled another contractors poorly executed construction and rebuilt the mechanical work to construct a successful project. We took apart incorrectly set equipment and repositioned it; we fixed elevation busts; we repositioned rougher cells that were not on coordinates; and we pulled and reset pumps. We also cut apart, reinstalled and welded approximately 10,000 feet of 1/2” to 42” piping, modifying the existing piping to tie-in to the existing pipe process systems.

The cornerstone project showed Brahma’s ability to take charge in constructing project in a very agile way. Not only did we provide agility in service, but we worked with our customers to deliver a successful project within their deadline for completion.