Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Coal Handling Conversion

NV Energy’s Coal Handling Conversion project took place at the Reed Gardner Generating Station located in Moapa, Nevada. Brahma served as the EPC contractor to convert the existing coal handling system to handle a more volatile Powder River Basin (PRB) product providing a dust free, environmentally conscious coal handling system.

Brahma designed, fabricated, installed, and converted the coal handling system. We removed the existing coal chute, and replaced it with a redesigned reliable flow performing chute. The new chute is designed to minimize coal dust while maximizing the flow. We installed both wet dust collection and foam systems to improve dust mitigation. We also removed the old bughouses and replaced them with new systems to improve the station’s efficiency.

Our project management team was able to adapt the design of the project to the real world application. We ensured the equipment functionality exceeded design specifications, and coordinated the construction of the project during operation providing the plant with minimal downtime.