Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

Coal Handling and Crushing EPC

City Utilities of Springfield (CU) is a community-owned utility serving southwest Missouri with electricity, natural gas, water, telecommunications and transit services. Brahma completed an EPC project for City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri providing engineering, procurement and construction services for the utility. We designed, fabricated, delivered and installed a coal-handling and crushing system along with the associated building, equipment, structures and auxiliary components. The auxiliary components for the coal-handling system included a traveling tripper, belt conveyors, belt and vibratory feeders, conveyor supports, platforms and walkways, dust collectors, chutes and hoppers, instruments, magnetic separators and a surge bin.

Along with the engineering, procurement and construction of the coal handling system, we were also responsible for the installation of all of the necessary equipment. This equipment included variable-frequency drives, field wiring, lighting, panels and associated equipment, a raceway and cable tray, lightning protection, dust-suppression equipment and associated accessories.

We are veterans at structural steel erection and used our developed skillset on this project. We executed the structural steel fabrication and erection of the building frame, stairs, ladders, platforms, siding, doors, roofing, elevated concrete rooms and maintenance hoists. Along with the structural steel erection, Brahma also installed numerous plant services such as floor drains, sump pumps discharge piping, HVAC systems, wash-down systems and heat-tracing equipment.

The City Utilities Project included the EPC of a system of monorails, motor-control centers, lighting, panels, and instrumentation and connection to existing site utilities. Brahma was also responsible for the electrical engineering and installation of coal-handling instrumentation, a comprehensive coal-handling control system, programmable logic controllers, operator interfaces and control panels.