Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

C007 Surface Regeneration + No. 9 Shaft Deepening Project

Brahma pefromed the No. 9 Shaft Deepening Project, C007 Surface Refrigeration Services and 4000L Outfitting for Rio Tinto’s Resolution Copper Mine located in Superior, AZ.

Brahma’s surface scope of work included the installation of cooling towers, chillers, glycol system rehab, pumps, piping, concrete, structural steel and hot tapping.

Brahma’s underground work area was located 4,577 ft. below surface shaft collar elevation. The underground scope of work included the installation of cooling coils, pumps, piping, pipe supports, concrete, electrical, rock drilling, structural steel and miscellnaneous metals.

To assist with our Clients timeline Brahma decreased its scheduled mobilization time by 75% and had crews on their tools within 1 week of mobilization. Brahma’s teamwork and agility allowed us to expedite our scope significantly helping the project timeframe.