Brahma Case Studies

Project Spotlight:

1Q South ISOMAX Cluster Turnaround

The Chevron Richmond Refinery located in Richmond, California is a 2,900 acre refinery, processing roughly 240,000 barrels of crude oil daily. Brahma completed the first quarter turnaround for the refinery in its South ISOMAX Cluster.

Brahma performed the mechanical scope of work on the B-Train in the South ISOMAX Cluster at the Richmond refinery. We opened, cleaned and changed the gaskets for the vessels, drums and boilers. We performed the welding on the convection section header piping, and we performed a substantial amount of torqueing and hot torqueing. Our team of experienced personnel replaced 347 vertical tubes in the B-Train, and we ended the turnaround by removing the blinds from all of the units.

During the Chevron turnaround, we demonstrated agility in service and an ability to quickly adapt to the changing needs of our client. Our team adapted when the turnaround started earlier than its scheduled start date. On the first day of the project, we were prepared both logistically, with qualified personnel standing ready to work immediately. Additionally, we supported other contractors and took on five extra mechanical jobs while maintaining the schedule. We finished the turnaround on time and under budget, with zero leaks on startup and zero recordable incidents.