Tail Gas Unit

Tail Gas Unit

Tesoro is an independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products in the United States. The Salt Lake City Refinery began operations in 1908 and now operates as the largest refinery in Utah with a total crude-oil capacity of 58,000 barrels per day. The Tesoro Tail Gas Unit project was the installation of a new modular Tail Gas Unit (TGU) at the Tesoro refinery located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Tail Gas Unit project consisted of the installation of three 95’ process towers and ten pre-fabricated 120,000 lb. modules. We installed the towers, modules, equipment, piping, piping tie-ins, instrumentation, electrical and structural steel for the unit. Mechanical, electrical, and civil construction were ongoing simultaneously causing the TGU area to be extremely congested. Brahma’s experienced project management team provided precise planning and coordination between crafts to ensure an efficient and safe work environment.

Along with ensuring safety through planning and coordination in a congested environment, Brahma took safety on the TGU project beyond industry standard safety procedures. We implemented a mentor program that teamed less seasoned workers with more experienced Brahma personnel to ensure our culture of safety trickled down the line. We also utilized a personal mounted helmet camera to provide a live video feed and record events as internal components of the process towers were removed, inspected and installed. Utilizing the helmet camera increased safety by reducing the number of confined space entries and individuals that were required to enter the tower simultaneously ensuring real time quality control.  In addition to the helmet camera, we saved thousands of dollars and reduced on the job risk by quickly procuring a specialized bore scope which allowed the demister pads of the towers to be inspected without having to disassemble the towers or perform a confined space entry.

Quality and craftsmanship on this project were second to none. Brahma ironworkers, pipefitters and electricians stepped up to overcome a very congested work site and exhibit quality craftsmanship. The Tail Gas Unit will serve to further scrub gases from the refining process to ensure the emissions from the refinery are reduced and less waste is produced by the process.

Project Information

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Jeff Shockley

VP of Operations

Meet Jeff, an accomplished construction industry veteran and visionary leader with a robust 20-year trajectory of ascending from hands-on trade work to executive management. His leadership has been instrumental in steering multidisciplinary teams to success in diverse sectors such as Oil and Gas, Refining, Mining, Transportation, and Energy Transmission. Jeff’s mastery in Civil and Mechanical construction has been pivotal in the successful delivery of capital projects exceeding $1 billion in value. Jeff has essential experience in project controls and focuses on real-time tracking to provide the desired outcome to both the company and the client. His experience on both the Owner’s side as well as the contractor’s side has given him invaluable knowledge of management and the execution cycle.

Craig Rucker

VP of Operations

Meet Craig, a seasoned leader with over 26 years of management experience and technical expertise. His areas of specialization encompass a wide range of industry sectors, including project management, industrial facilities maintenance, plant maintenance, building and equipment structures, and construction management consultation.

Craig is certified in heavy rigging, with extensive experience in equipment removal and installation. His expertise extends to structural detailing, fabrication, erection, and installation. He also excels in conveyor system installation and maintenance, infrastructure improvements, capital project construction, bidding, estimating, and process piping and demolition.

Before joining Brahma, Craig honed his skills at Bell Steel, Inc. and Milling Machinery, Inc. His construction career, which began in the residential industry, eventually led him to industrial maintenance where he performed all aspects of millwright work. Craig’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his completion of the ASU Alliance for Construction Excellence Project Management Course. He holds an OSHA 510 certification, a certification of completion in the Program of Project Management, and is trained in Auto CAD and Structural Steel detailing. With his vast experience and multitude of certifications, Craig brings a unique blend of leadership, technical acumen, and industry knowledge to his role.

Darren Patten


Meet Darren, a seasoned professional with an impressive track record spanning over 35 years in project management, engineering, and industrial facility management. His career is marked by proactive leadership in steering complex projects across various industries. His strategic approach to staffing, maintenance, and operations has consistently ensured optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Darren’s journey has taken him through notable companies such as NV Energy at the Reid Gardner Station, PacifiCorp- Huntington Plant, Abitibi Consolidated, and Geneva Steel Company. Each role has contributed to his rich tapestry of industry experience and technical expertise.

Known for his exceptional contract administration skills, Darren excels in resource management, delivering quality products at reasonable costs. His foresight allows him to identify potential problem areas early on and implement viable, cost-effective solutions. His commitment to meeting budgets and promoting safe, productive work environments is unwavering.

Darren holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, which forms the foundation of his technical acumen. Leveraging his top-tier education and extensive experience, Darren ensures that project teams adhere strictly to contract specifications. He vigilantly monitors contract performance, ensuring safe work practices, regulatory compliance, and adherence to budget and schedule constraints. Under Darren’s watchful eye, every project has been a testament to efficiency and quality, completed on time and within budget, with post-outage equipment performance exceeding expectations and installations meeting established technical standards.