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Brahma Group Announces National Agreement with EPOX-Z Corporation

EPOX-Z products represent a paradigm shift in the industrial marketplace – designed to increase effectiveness and longevity of industrial coatings in addition to reducing the cost of labor and materials on coating projects. EPOX-Z’s revolutionary proprietary formulas have resulted in industrial coatings that contain zero % water and zero % toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), components that significantly reduce performance and sustainability of competitors’ products. Brahma Group welcomes EPOX-Z and EPOX-Z’s ability to drastically decrease the environmental impact to their project sites.

EPOX-Z’s 100% solid, solvent-free coatings are an important step in ongoing efforts to reduce and eliminate environmental harm on coatings projects. It is designed to be the single most effective method of ensuring long-lasting, high performance coatings in industrial applications. The 100% solid composition of EPOX-Z products overcomes the noted deficiencies of other coatings which include harmful fumes, shrinking and blistering shortly after a costly multi-layer installation. The versatility, performance, and cost-cutting efficiency of EPOX-Z high performance coatings are a full head-and-shoulders above any competing materials in the industrial marketplace.

As the only **Licensed Premier Partner**, certified to install EPOX-Z brand products, Brahma Group now offers EPOX-Z coatings to their large portfolio of clients and projects. Read More.